Progress report from Hand in Hand EA's program in Ex-Lewa!

Gundua Foundation

In March, Gundua Foundation with financial support from the Markus and Amalia Wallenberg foundation  started a collaboration with Hand in Hand East Africa. The entrepreneurship education takes place at Gundua Health Center and its first focus is on the target audience youth.

The program initially registered 80 students from Gundua Secondary School but it has since been extended to 103 students in response to high interest.

The program runs over a period of 9 months and during this they will be trained in leadership and life skills, entrepreneurship, climate change and resilience. Theoretical lessons are followed up with field trips where they can visit projects that implement different kinds of entrepreneurship.

Studenterna får lära sig mer om hur olika grönsaker odlas.

According to a survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) 2018, 7 million Kenyans were unemployed. This worrying high unemployment rate is one of the reasons why the Gundua Foundation wants to explore possible ways of preventing unemployment in and around Ex-Lewa. An initial venture is this entrepreneurship program that is being implemented to provide knowledge that enables more people to become self-employed.

And now, Hand-In-Hand, with experience from most similar programs in East Africa, is in full swing with the education of Ex-Lewa's youth.

One of the activities in September was the study trip (pictured in this post) where one of the training groups visited the MCK Bio Intensive Agricultural Training Center in Meru. During the trip, students learned more about sustainable farming methods and received useful tips. They also gained in-depth knowledge about breeding and care of animals and fish.

The students were very happy after the trip and seemed eager to put their new skills to use!