Gundua Health Center and Nanyuki Cottage Hospital.

Gundua Foundation

The Gundua Foundation has for a long time been investigating the possibilities of transfering the long-term operation of the Gundua Health Centre to local contractors. Discussions have taken place with both municipal and local politicians and elected representatives as well as with private actors.

It is with great pleasure that the Foundation can now announce that it has entered into an agreement with Nanyuki Cottage Hospital (NCH). NCH ​​is a reputable and well-established private hospital foundation based in Nanyuki. Nanyuki Cottage Hospital will formally take over the operation of the Gundua Health Centre on September 1, 2021. Their priority is on giving care to the less well-off patients from the local community of Ex-Lewa. The patient costs will be covered by a payment model that includes micro-insurance. It is NCH's intention to transform the clinic into a full-scale hospital providing both out-patient and in-patient care and services.

The business will continue to be run under the name NCH - Gundua Health Centre and will be run with a Board including representatives of the Gundua Foundation.

The Gundua Foundation would like to thank all our sponsors who over the years have contributed to making Gundua Health Centre such a professional health care service. Apotek Hjärtat remains a generous donor and the voluntary efforts made over the years by Swedish dentists and doctors will continue to be welcome.

For more information, please contact Richard Ohlson, chairman of Gundua Foundation: