Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Gundua Foundation

Dear sponsors, supporters and friends of Gundua Foundation

As we are approaching the end of the year, time has come to summarize yet another eventful curriculum at our schools.

Last year in November, our new Girls’ Dormitory was inaugurated by HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. During the spring we welcomed our first students, who are very happy to have a safe environment to stay in while studying. A total of 68 girls have so far been admitted into the dormitory. Nine girls from underprivileged families have received scholarship from the Nils Bjorkman Family Grant to study at Gundua Girls Boarding School. To enhance the safety and security of the students, CCVTVs were installed in vantage points and the dormitory was fenced in.

During the year we have focused on strengthening the infrastructure at the school premises. A new internet connection was installed at the primary and secondary schools boosting learning for the students and working for the teachers. An extension of the staff room was done, accommodating more teachers and providing a conducive environment for the teachers. The teachers’ toilets were renovated and a 350-liter hot water system was installed in the dormitory. Last but not least, signposts for the schools were installed to provide visibility.

As always we are immensely proud of our students and their results. Five top students from Gundua Mixed Day & Mixed Girls Secondary School were awarded with scholarships to study in the local (Kenyan) public universities. Five students who joined Form One at Gundua Secondary School from

Gundua - Girls’ Dormitory
Gundua School Bus

Gundua Primary School were awarded with scholarship for the entire secondary school education at the school and two students awarded HRH Princess Victoria of Sweden for their outstanding performance during the inauguration of the girls’ dormitory. During the year our school bus has taken the students for various educational, sports and other extra-curricular activities within Meru, to Nanyuki and Isiolo.

Children at Gundua Primary School
Children with book at Gundua Primary school

On September 21, Wardt Communication, one of our sponsors, visited the school and were greeted by teachers, Gundua Parents and of course our students. An afternoon of cultural exchange, singing and dancing and showing the premises laid ground for even more interactions between sponsors and the school. We encourage all our sponsors and friends to visit our schools in the same way.

Education is a powerful driver to escape poverty and attain a better life prospect. Your continued support is very much appreciated and so important. A donation can help us further improve our schools’ offerings, such as facilitate online learning with more Ipads, complementing the school library or pay for students’ tuition and scholarships.

Please visit for more suggestions of how you can help. If you wish to contribute please send any amount to the Gundua Foundation by Swish 123 900 21 63, or to our account bankgiro 90-2163 or plusgiro 90 02 16-3. Every contribution makes a difference.

Thank you for your support. As always, without you nothing of this would be possible. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Gundua Foundation