IKEA Dining Hall!

Gundua Foundation

The IKEA Dining Hall funded by both IKEA AB, as well as privately funded by Ingvar Kamprad, is in full function at Ndurumuru Primary School. The students helped carry the benches inside before settling for their first meal in the new dining hall last Monday.(pictured above)


Ndurumuru Primary School is a public school in Kisima with roughly 260 students. Ikea AB has helped the school finance restoration of their classrooms and the new dining hall – significantly improving the conditions for quality education.

The old dining room

Previously this dark wooden building was used for student dining, cramped and badly lit, with food being prepared in a small shed out back.

PHOTO-2018-05-10-14-25-47[2][7]The new building incorporates both kitchen and dining area, seating approximately 60 students at a time, with good capabilities to vent out smoke and heat for the comfort of both students and cooks.


The joy was palpable at the inauguration and its uplifting to think of how this addition will come to good use both on hot days like this one and later on when it’s cold.