Hand in Hand's entrepreneurial courses – full steam ahead!

Gundua Foundation

Hand in Hands work in Ex-Lewa is in full swing and so far the project has recruited six training groups with nearly 130 members from the community. In addition, four entrepreneurs’ clubs are held with a total of 103 students at Gundua Secondary School since the end of April.

The training plan that Hand in Hand provides consists of several courses focusing on entrepreneurship training, where the education is divided into a multi-stage model that takes the course participants through different stages focusing on vital parts of successful entrepreneurship.

In the training modules the students will take part in the following seven course topics:

  1. group mobilization & formation,

  2. savings and resource mobilization,

  3. enterprise development,

  4. financial management,

  5. access to credit,

  6. value addition and market linkage,

  7. climate change resilience.

Now all groups are in the initial stages of education and are expected to graduate by the beginning of 2019.

For people in Ex-Lewa who do not yet attend the courses, this can be done by forming a group of around 20 people and reporting this group’s interest to Hand in Hand’s staff at the Wallenberg House, adjacent to the Gundua Health Center.

If you want to support the work in Ex-Lewa, you can donate a contribution by the following channels:

Swish to 123 900 21 63.
Bankgiro: 900-2163
Plusgiro: 90 02 16-3

Bank: Swedbank
IBAN: SE4180000816619036731090
Account number: 81661-903 673 109-0