Apotek Hjärtat are visiting the Health Centre!

Gundua Foundation

Tomorrow, Friday 26th, representatives from one of Gundua Foundation’s benefactors Apotek Hjärtat are arriving in Ex-Lewa for one of their recurring visits to the Health Centre. The topic of this visit is women’s rights and health, an important subject with many benefits.

Regarding women’s health, the natural processes of the female body is still a critical issue in many countries, largely due to the stigma surrounding menstruation and fertility.

In our last post we shared some statistics regarding access to family planning and in connection to this it is important to educate on the cycle of menstruation.  As many as one in 10 girls in sub-Saharan Africa are missing school during their period. And in Kenya, 65% of women and girls are unable to afford sanitary pads. The cost of sanitary products is one thing, educating women on their bodies and their rights another. Both are issues being tackled at Gundua Health Centre and topics on the agenda of this week’s visit for Apotek Hjärtat.

Want to read more on Apotek Hjärtat’s involvement – click here. And if your on site in Ex-Lewa, be sure to stop by the Health Centre and say hi!